The Time When It Was My First Father’s Day Without My Dad

One of the most wonderful things about running Tell Her You Care, is reading the messages of love and support from our customers to their friends and family. I wish I could share them all as they make my heart sing to see the true goodness that humans have within them, especially when there is so much heartache and pain happening across the world.

Today we had the absolute privilege to write this special message from one friend to another who has lost their Dad:

“I know Sunday will be a hard day for you, but I wanted to let you know you are so loved by everyone around you and every day you make your Dad proud.”

Occasionally messages speak directly to my soul and this is one of those times. I felt the huge wave love and support being sent through one of our gifts and it brought tears to my eyes.

Sunday will be my first Father’s Day without my lovely Dad. I will spend it celebrating my wonderful husband and the kids’ other fabulous Grandad. We are lucky to have some incredible father figures in our lives, but it will of course be bittersweet, as I can’t help but see the huge hole that is left as my Dad isn’t there.

I miss Dad every day in lots of little ways but on Sunday I know the pain will be amplified as I miss his laughter whilst watching the kids, or his wrinkled nose as he tells me a tall tale about something or other and the feeling of just knowing that he’s there if I need him.

So I just wanted to send a specially big hug to all those for whom Sunday will be especially difficult for: everyone who can’t give their Dad’s the long awaited hug they need, those who have lost Dads, Dads who have lost children, Dads who don’t see their children, children who don’t see their Dads, men desperate to be Dads, those who are celebrating what might be their last Father’s Day with their Dad and so many others. I see you and your pain, it’s OK to be sad, in fact it’s OK to feel anything. Take a moment, cry when you need to, breath and know that you are surrounded by love from those who are still with us and those who we can’t hug any more.

My Dad lives in on in the animal noises my children make when going through a tunnel in the car, the fairy writing we look for in the woods and the complete love that he showed me how to give to the people in my life. So yes there will be tears, but some will be happy tears as I remember how lucky I am to have had someone who helped me find the silliness and fun in life and how to love unconditionally.

This is the postcard that is mentioned in this post.