The Time When I Couldn’t See My Mum On Mother’s Day.

It’s the first Mothering Sunday since Dad died so it was always going to be a hard one for everyone. Dad always sent me a card today telling me what a wonderful Mummy I was and how much he loved his grandkids and I am missing the reassurance and love that he always gave. And of course it was going to be incredibly hard for our Mum without him by her side as he has been every other Mothers Day since they became parents over 40 years ago. And now Mum will have to be physically alone on what feels like a really important day.

Don’t get me wrong, we know it’s the right thing to do for her and the wider community but it is breaking my heart to know how upset she is at being alone today and the prospect of it being that way for the foreseeable future.

We are doing stories every day with with the kids by Skype, texting and calling lots and today I will be dropping off a mini “Corona survival kit” for her to hopefully raise her spirits a little. But these next few months are going to be incredibly difficult for everyone. I read reports from my simply amazing friends working on the frontline of the NHS about how genuinely scared they are and I know that there are absolutely more important things to worry about at the moment.

But in my little family’s bubble, today is a big day and I know it will be a sad day for lots of other people because their Mum is no longer here, they have lost a child, they have a difficult relationship with their family or they are separated from the people they love the most. We know we are doing the right thing, but that doesn’t stop the pain of not giving or receiving the hug from your Mum when you both need it the most.

The best thing that someone said to me was: Stay at home and you will save lives. This is not a drill, this is our chance to SAVE LIVES. I know that the upset of being apart today will be absolutely worth it, but to everyone out there who is not hugging the people that they love today, I am sending you all a virtual hug. We are in this together and we will come out the other side.

If you’re missing your Mum or someone else who’s special to you (aren’t we all?), why not send them this postcard and some delicious chocolate to tell them that they will be OK and we will be together again.