My Story

Meet Lucy

I’m Lucy and this is my story. I have a job, 3 children, a husband and a never-ending to-do list.  The middle bit of my life suddenly got really, really busy!  Between the kids, the house, the homework, the job, looking after relatives, and trying to see my friends occasionally, I was more than a little frazzled!  But it wasn’t something that was unique to me….

I am privileged to have a lot of brilliant women in my life and every single one of them is overloaded.  Their minds are full of to do lists that no one else has a clue about.  When we get together it is joyful and soul enriching but because everyone is trying to keep their own world’s turning, we don’t see each other as much as we’d like to.

I wanted to be able to tell them all how utterly brilliant they are on a rainy day in January when they’d had a bad day and needed a pick me up.  I wanted to be able to send a little something that wouldn’t cost the earth but that would make them smile every time they looked at it.  Something that would make them feel as special as I know they are.  The cards I found in shops didn’t say all the things that I wanted to say.  And then on top of that, who has time to get to the shops to buy postcards and chocolate, wrap it, package it AND get to the post office to send it? 

My Tell Her You Care Moment

After a particularly stressful time when we lost my Dad, one of my lovely friends sent me a postcard that meant the world to me, and I’ve had it on the fridge ever since.  It simply said in so many words, “I see how much you are holding together, and I think you’re amazing”.  At the same time another wonderful friend sent me some chocolate – so much better than flowers! The chocolate told me that she knew exactly what I needed at the toughest moment in my life and that she knew ME. These two acts of friendship made me feel amazing and loved at a time when I felt very alone.  I realised then that I wanted every woman I knew to feel like that. 

Tell Her You Care – Women Supporting Women

My story isn’t a one off and I truly believe that we, as women, should build each other up whenever we have the chance.  We should tell people everything that is wonderful about them today and not wait for tomorrow.  We should tell her you care at every opportunity.  I wanted to make it really easy so that women who are themselves already overloaded, didn’t need to add 6 more jobs onto their list to be able to celebrate their friend’s wonderfulness. 

I wanted anyone with 5 minutes to spare to be able go online, and at the click of a button send something yummy as a special treat and some heartfelt words that their wonderful friend could keep on their fridge as a constant reminder of their brilliance. I wanted it to be beautifully packaged in an eco-friendly way and for it to fit through the letterbox so that no one had to find time to get to a sorting office to retrieve their package.

I believe that there are lots of reasons that people find it difficult to keep in touch when someone they love is having a hard time.  Maybe it’s because they are so busy keeping their own plates spinning, or because they don’t know what to say or because the people that we love the most don’t live round the corner from us anymore.  I wanted to write meaningful words that the women I know would relate to.  Words that uplifted wonderful women who should only ever be filled with confidence and happiness.  And so, Tell Her You Care was born!  A place where we could raise each other up, celebrate each other’s achievements, and stand side by side through each other’s toughest of times.

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