Gifts for Mums - New mum postcard and lindt chocolate.

Gifts for Mums that really show you care. We all know that Mums don’t want big flashy gifts, they just want to know that they are appreciated and loved.

Mum life is tough!  No sleep, no personal space and a to-do list longer than your arm.  Sometimes it can all seem just too much and it’s times like these when receiving a meaningful postcard, luxury bar of chocolate and your special note just for them, would tell them just what an amazing Mum they are.

Making your friend feel loved is just 3 easy steps away:

  1. Select the perfect postcard 
  2. Choose their favourite chocolate (every postcard page has a dropdown box to allow you to pick the perfect flavour) 
  3. Write your personal message (you’ll find the message box on each postcard page)

Postcard & Chocolate Gift Choices: