Pick Me Up Gift. You are doing a great job postcard and chocolate

Everyone needs pick me up gifts now and then. We all have days when everything seems too much.  On those rainy days, what could be better than a postcard from someone telling you how much they love you and how brilliant they think you are, wrapped up with a bar of luxury chocolate just for them.

Whether they are surrounded by nincompoops, completely overloaded or just having a bad day, we have the perfect card. We wrote these cards to wrap the recipients in a bubble of love from a far.

Making your friend feel loved is just 3 easy steps away:

  1. Select the perfect postcard 
  2. Choose their favourite chocolate (every postcard page has a dropdown box to allow you to pick the perfect flavour) 
  3. Write your personal message (you’ll find the message box on each postcard page)

Postcard & Chocolate Gifts To Choose From: