The Time When We Were All Stuck At Home

The time when we were all stuck at home: These are strange times we are living in. With the latest recommendations, all 3 kids are now at home for the foreseeable so work has moved to evenings and during the day I am now known as Miss Brown (don’t ask!) and I am running a home school for 3 children ages 5,4 and 2.

So far we have had mixed results. My eldest loves re-creating school and is passionate about doing his work (to a point) but he is also bossing the middle one round like never before and so he has become somewhat whiny. My youngest would just like to watch Lion King all the time, thank you very much and then discuss why the orange lion died.

You can, from now on, assume that my house will be a total mess from morning till night and in fact the hours in between because when the kids finally go to sleep, I am desperately trying to get my work done.

I haven’t left the house for 8 days now, the kids are starting to bounce of the walls and when the Tesco man came last night, all he said as he handed over the list of things that we DIDN’T get on our shop was, “Well at least you got your ice cream!”

And he’s right, let’s try to focus on the ice cream and not the missing toilet roll. So last night, me and two of my lovely friends had a virtual glass of wine together and a good old gossip. We all video called each other, drank wine, ate chocolate and chatting about the impending world catastrophe and whether we should eat a chomp or a curly wurly next.

The best thing someone said to me was: Fill up your wine glass and let’s have a chat. It’s the small things that will keep us all sane at the moment. And it’s the acts of kindness that will get us all through, like my friend spent two hours filling out and dropping off those cards offering to help those on her street who are isolating or struggling for whatever reason and had received so many grateful texts and calls for doing something nice and offers of help from others just wanting to do something good. Let’s help each other when we can, be kind to each other and don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Don’t get feel guilty if the most you child has learnt today is how to work Netflix. That is a true lifeskill. We are all doing our best. And remember, we have to physically distance ourselves from each other, but that doesn’t stop us communicating with the people with love through phone calls, texts, FaceTime, letters and rainbows in windows.

If you know someone who’s face you miss, why not send them this postcard and have some virtual vino together.